About Us.


Welcome to AussieHairGuru.com we are excited you’re regarding becoming part of the Aussie Hair Guru experience. That’s right I said experience. When you look around the AHG website we want you to enjoy yourself while you are learning. The locations are to reveal Australia to you and give you an appreciation of what it’s like to live here. The Adventure is to inspire you to think creatively and to stretch yourself, whether it be with your career, or, when you are thinking about the clients you treat daily. Creating Aussie Hair Guru from an idea into a reality has been an epic journey. Don’t be fooled by the laid back feel or the fooling around. We are very serious about presenting the best of Aussie hairdressing. There is only one way to approach your work and that is to do your best every time and to be open to continued learning. That’s where AHG comes in; we are here to inspire you, to share new ideas and techniques and to support the learning process at every stage.

Especially selected Experts.

The hairdressers and experts who provide content for the AHG website have been selected for a host of different reasons. It could be their reputation or a unique perspective which will make your creativity explode. They may have a less complex way of explaining the technical side of a cut or colour or how to style hair to WOW your clients. Our main focus here is to make sure we add value to your learning experience. Of course they have to have personality, right!! Aussie Hair Guru presents streamed step by step videos filmed on location and in studio. They are presented in a logical and systematic way. The categories we cover include haircutting, colouring, styling (finishing), fashion and a list of categories which will expand as our video library grows. Each lesson is supported by a technique tutorial where needed and a downloadable head sheet. Our focus is to support all learning styles and allow you to access the information with the latest technology that suits your lifestyle. We will be adding new content each and every month and look forward to working in close partnership with our subscribers to provide content that is timely and relevant to today’s hairdressing environment.

Your long-term training Portal

Aussie Hair Guru has been developed in an autonomous manner which allows us access to the industry professional you want to see. Smart, business savvy, innovative, individuals and companies who love what they do and are successful at it. They are the people you want to model and find out what’s inside their heads.

It is our long term goal to be a one stop shop, for all your learning needs.


Founder Bernie Craven